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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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home on a quiet sharontreet and leaves his parents and four brothers and sisters. the family is not yet ready to talk about it. how is the family holding up? >> they are devastated. they just want think to know they are heart broken, they miss their son. reporter: the rabbi says israeli officials called the schwartz family to deliver this terrible news. a funeral is now being planned and when i body will be brought back. we're live in sharon, jonathan hall, 7 news. there's also breaking news coming out of seekonk where police are investigating a hit list found at the high school there. the district says the list was discovered, police were notified immediately and so were the students on that list. no one there was injured. the alleged mastermind of the terror in paris is confirmed dead after raids on an apartment north of the city. prosecutors saying the body of abdelhamid abaaoud was riddled with
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>> new isis propaganda threatens new york city with violence but authorities there say they know this nothing credible. the video shows scenes including times square. and on capitol hill today the house voting to raise barriers for syrian refugees wanting to come to this country. does it mean this bill will become law? >> president obama says he will veto it. brandon gunnoe in our control room with more on the day's developments. reporter: authorities in france now say for certain they have killed the mastermind of the paris attacks. police in belgium raided half a dozen homes today looking for friends or family of the paris attackers. authorities in france saw say abdelhamid abaaoud, the mastermind of the deadly attacks on paris was killed in a raid on apartment just north of france. experts warn just because one operative is sainting out doesn't mean it's over. enterprise investigation as the fbi calls it
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which is to take down the entire network. reporter: wiretap evidence led police to the apartment where they battled isis militants in a bloody seven hour raid. we're also getting a picture of the female suicide bomber, abaaoud's cousin who blew herself up during the raid and new surveillance video shot inside a cafe as they came under fire from a gunman. you can see people running under cover as a barrage of bullets came their way. >> part of isis moved up the hierarchy of isis who had been working together to plot attacks against france and europe. reporter: police are still questioning eight people arrested during that raid on the apartment. french leaders are trying to figure out why they were never notified that abaaoud was in the country. in the control room, i'm brandon gunnoe, 7 news. an arrest in connection with the high-powered military weapons from this armory
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a former army reservist taken into custody in new york. he's also facing rape charges. steve cooper with more details. reporter: according to this federal affidavit, this is a copy of the 12-page document filed in a court house earlier today. the suspect came here to the armory in wind worcester over the weekend. he cut his way through the weapons vault and left with several high-powered weapons. james morales broke into the u.s. army reserve center in worcester last weekend, cutting through the roof of the weapons vault with a power saw and stealing 16 guns including six assault rifles that looked like this one and ten nine millimeter pistons similar -- pistols similar to this one. >> i can't get into the techniques that they
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used at this point in time. we were suck thank you in collaborating with our new york office to put more morales on long island. >> later fitted with one of those gps tracking bracelets. it turns out the feds were able to use that device to place morales inside the armory the night the weapons were stolen. they were also able to make a match between blood found at the crime scene and morales's dna. two days before the break-in they say morales, according to the affidavit was at the armory to get copies of his discharge papers. federal authorities say the stolen guns have no ties to terrorism, the governor told us earlier this week he's troubled by what happened here. >> i'm just concerned about the fact that some high caliber weapons were stolen from a military facility in the first place. >> the u.s. attorneys office had no comment when we asked them earlier today if those weapons have in fact been recovered. that is something we may
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learn when morales is in a federal courtroom in new york tomorrow morning. live in worcester tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. in a courtroom where students took the stand. we heard testimony about the day authorities found call even ritzer in the woods. reporter: the stunning simple note on folded white paper reads i hate you all. the note shown in court along other items. a forensic expert showed off bloody jeans apparently belonging to philip chism, the teen accused of killing his math teacher. her pod was so covered with leaves she was only founded by a single toe standing up, the nail painted with pink nail polish. chism looked down
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without emotion as we heard from a former classmate. all three in a classroom. the encounter minutes before a surveillance camera captured ritzer leaving the courtroom and chism following the teacher to the restroom. the teen testified as she left the room, she told ritzer what a good person and teacher she was. the teacher said she glanced back at chism and saw just that annoyed, almost angry look. just a still camera in court bringing you the pictures you saw there. the teen will be back on the stand this time under cross-examination. we're in salem, dan hausle, 7 news. police investigating what they are calling a hate crime at harvard university. pictures of black law professors vandalized there. you might have seen in the images that black tape was put over the photos inside a campus. kimberly bookman is live. reporter: the discovery was made
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in this building right here behind me. there are more than 100 pictures posted but these were clearly targeted. tonight harvard says they are investigating this as a hate crime. blocking their faces, a piece of black electrical tape was placed on each of the six portraits of african-american professors overnight. not a single white staff member's picture was touched. >> as an overt act of racism and intolerance. >> i think it's a shock to everyone. i think everyone's disgusted right now. reporter: immediately campus police were alerted, an investigation launched and emergency meeting called. conversation, maybe it will be productive in the end. reporter: hundreds turned out to discuss the incident and the harvard. >> the movements from previous years and up to
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for how do we get more black professors on campus. reporter: the markings come a day after many marched to support black students from other collegeses who feel a racial divide on their campus. >> it was an act of violence for the intentional dismissiveness of plaque professors on this campus to black out their faces as if they are worthless. reporter: the black tape is now gone, replaced instead with colorful post-it notes filled with words of kindness. >> it is still unclear who did this and why harvard police continue to investigate. kimberly bookman, 7 news. crews are working to repair a water main break in revere that caused big hassles for people. you can see the traffic was backed up for hours. crews say there could be an troping in the water service in that area. coming up here on 7
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deaths of doug flutie's mom and dad. they passed away within one hour of each other. so we're talking to a local doctor who specializes in something called broken heart syndrome. pete has a rainy forecast. we continue to watch some very tragic, breaking news today. a teenager from sharon has been killed in a terror attack in israel. 18-year-old ezra schwartz was killed in a terrorist attack. a driver opened fire on
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local football lend doug flutie is still dealing with a family tragedy. his parents died of heart attacks just one hour apart. flutie says he now believes people can die `of a broken heart. >> a doctor at brigham and women's says it is possible. reporter: after learning his parents died within an hour of each other, boston college legend doug flutie wrote they say you can die from a broken heart and i believe it. so does dr. martin samuels at brigham and women's hospital. >> broken heart say layperson's name for a medical condition we've known about for quite a long, long time. reporter: flutie palace posted on
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facebook my dad had been ill and died of a heart attack at the hospital and less than an hour later my mom had a sudden heart attack and passed away. loss of a spouse is one of the most dangerous things for the second spouse. reporter: according to dr. samuels, broken heart syndrome can occur when someone experiences significant emotional stress. >> it is in a sense a heart attack but it isn't the usually kind. reporter: he says usually people recover but on the rare occasion, it's hard to handle. >> powerful emotions, powerful -- positive or negative, they are risky. it's still worth it but there's a little risk. reporter: symptoms can be similar to a heart attack. dr. samuels suggest if you're experiencing any shortness of breath or chest pain, take is seriously and see a doctor right away. >> sad story. our forecast is turning wet here. slowly but surely we had a few showers but we're
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waiting for the downpours tonight. that's ahead. this week's class act rings us to rumney marsh academy in revere and we'll be introducing to you to 7th grade cross-country
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the son of a polish immigrant in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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how about those showers, right? not a whole lot of them right now. fact. we're watching this area of rain. you can see it growing and getting darker here. the greens get darker. that's going to be our heavier rain late tonight. in at atkinson, new hampshire here, methuen too we have steadier rains pushing through. off nantucket there's lighter rain and this band of rain which has some yellows startling to appear. this is the clump of rain hitting us in the wee hours of the morning a.m. first it comes northbound and stretches out across new england, then it heads eastbound along the front. so by 11:00 we could get some steadier rain at least to worcester. there's a stripe of heavier rain embedded in here. we're still battling some wet weather. clearing up and i expect rapid clearing and a rapid ramp up of the
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sunshine through tomorrow. our best chance is really late tonight and wee hours of tomorrow morning and even into 6:00. if you're an early morning commuter between 5:00 and 6:00 you might have a downpour to contend with. later commuters, it gets better every hour. some places come away with an inch. highly variable rainfall, thanks to those downpours. generous with the unfortunately. southeast winds 30, 35 miles an hour. they beef up thanks to that front moving in. there might even be some gusts over 40, but as the front passes, it looks like we'll be okay and the winds will come down as we go through the evening or latter half of tomorrow or tonight and into tomorrow morning. that quick ramp down
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about by that heavier rain. temperatures touch down briefly before we crumble a little bit in the afternoon. our warmest part of the day is early on just coming off of this mild air. that front crosses. we get in the front on friday, then we bring saturday back into the normal range. snow in chicago, not a problem from us. we'll get rain showers from that system on sunday morning as the front passes, but this is the front that gets us really chilly early next week. we'll see those temperatures nose dive. very early tomorrow morning, 50s tonight, increasing southeast wind and our temperatures increase. get close to these values spring in the morning. and this is the biggest event, if we can call it that and i will, of the next seven days. once we get past this, those showers on sunday not a big deal. good traveling all the way through next week for the holiday and a slow warming trend going into thanksgiving that gets us above normal.
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we'll see you tonight. i want what they had. i ain't kissing them but i respect them. i admire the fact they've been that successful through the years. >> rex ryan can't help himself and that's why we found him so amusing. having lost eight of his last nine games against bill belichick and has come out on top just four times in 14 matchups but the outspoken ryan has never backed down from belichick and says he's done praising his long time nemesis. >> i'm tired of saying he's the best. no kidding. and anybody who says he's not is full of whatever. with that being said, i'm going to say he's not very good. if you really want to be the very best, then you've got to go ahead and beat this team. you've got to find way to see beat them and
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that's what drives me. i don't want to just beat some, you know, whoever, some local school, west seneca high school. 7's alex corddry has more from foxboro on a more confident and healthier bills team that comes to town riding a two-game winning streak. reporter: the bills won back to back games for the first time this year. >> i think the guy's a little more healthier. sean mccoy was battling injuries but i think they really got him and williams growing. reporter: carlos williams is a big reason why things are looking up for the bills. thursday night he got a 26 yard touchdown pass against the jets becoming the second player in nfl history to score at least one touchdown in 76 games. >> all the weapons
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watkins and running backs. >> the bills' offensive weapons are healthy and ready to go for monday night. unfortunately, the same can't be said for the patriots. it should help beautiful's secondary slow down rob gron could you -- gron could you gronkowski. >> just one on one the zone, just got to keep preparing, keep working to find ways to get open. >> gronk knows tom brady's relying on that too. alex corddry, 7 sports. the bruins have already dropped six of their first 17 games at the garden this season and that's why they find themselves currently tied for second to last in the atlantic division.
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kevin miller. colin miller will take his spot on the blue line tonight as he returns to the lineup after sitting out the last two games and bruins' center says he's not counting out the season after breaking his leg. the 35-year-old said he has no plans of retiring right now. that's sports. >> thank you. we'll be back in just a couple of
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tonight on nbc nightly news from paris, my exclusive conversation with the man who led the raid on the theater ending the hostage taking after the massacre. also we're going to tell you about the suspected mastermind of all this confirmed dead but why isn't paris resting any easier tonight and the head of the fbi talks about fear at home over copy cat attacks. we'll see you tonight. that is our time for 7 news at 6:00 on this thursday. as always, thanks so much for sharing some of your valuable time with us. i'm adam williams. >> and i'm kim khazei. we're off to help,
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project bread night down at the wang. we'll do that. you enjoy your evening and hopefully we'll catch up tonight at business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms.
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